KYMA Technology


KYMA Zero Turn

With KYMA Zero Turn, handling and maneuvering have never been easier. Our steering and drive system allow you to turn a complete 360 degree within the length of the boat. KZT also makes handing in tight spaces a breeze. Whether loading or unloading from a trailer, around other watercraft, or picking up a rider out of the water, our intuitive steering system makes you look like a pro.

MyKYMA Connect

MyKYMA Connect app allows 24/7 monitoring of the location and status of your boat from anywhere. MyKYMA Connect app also allows you to connect directly with a KYMA Representative. Whether you'd like to schedule service, diagnose a performance issue or simply have questions, we are just a click away.


Seakeeper Ride can elimate up to 70% of underway pitch and roll.

Seakeeper Ride controllers are integrated into your boat's transom, below the waterline. Using custom, Proprietary inertial sensing hardware and software, the system understands how the boat is behaving in all three axes and command deployment of the rotary blades to counteract pitch, roll, and yaw. As the blades are deployed, they create lift at the transom, managing the vessel's motion instantaneously.