How To Buy

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We at KYMA believe that buying a boat should be simple, straightforward, and honest. That's why we bring a fresh approach with a focus on your experience and 100% upfront pricing. We also believe that creating your dream boat is personal. With our online ordering process, you can select your options and order your boat in four simple steps. If you prefer a more traditional approach, one of our product specialists is available to guide you through the process.


Visualize your dream KYMA using the KYMA Configurator

The first step toward owning your KYMA is IMAGINING it. Use the KYMA Configurator to select your colors and bring your vision to reality.


Time to contain your excitement

When it comes to ORDERING your KYMA, it's as simple as selecting your options, picking your delivery method, agreeing to your clear contract price, and making your deposit.


Welcome your KYMA to the family

Waiting for DELIVERY is the longest few weeks of any KYMA owner's life. Luckily, we take some extra steps to ease the anticipation. Leading up to the delivery of your KYMA you will receive individual weekly updates on the status of your boat. Also you have the option to schedule your delivery or pickup time. Whether you choose a concierge dockside delivery or a factory pickup, you will be treated to a curated orientation when your KYMA officially joins your family.