Explore The KYMA Difference

1 + 1 = 3

KYMA is a company built by boaters for boaters, everything we do pivots on the idea that technology and emotion should work together to elevate the boating experience. We work hard to give precise digital controls a connected and lively feeling so that once you're behind the wheel of a KYMA, it becomes clear that a KYMA is an extension of yourself. Between its powerful Raptor Engine, telepathic digital controls and intuitive handling, piloting a KYMA is a truly engaging experience.

Being a new company, we approach traditional problems in new ways. Our design and manufacturing techniques maximize sustainability by reducing waste and minimizing lifecycle impacts. Our direct to customer sales model offers unparalleled support while maximizing value to you. With each boat being curated to our customer tastes, there is no reason to compromise in any part of the KYMA ownership experience.

Oftentimes as technology advances, the emotion in products is lost. At KYMA every boat is designed to have a personality connecting KYMA owners with their boat. At KYMA we believe that our boats are more than the sum of their parts and when you add in the SOUL of a KYMA, 1 + 1 = 3.