Just like your family's boating style, every KYMA experience is unique. We believe that the best way to see if a boat fits in with your family is to enjoy it for an extended period of time, not to look at it on a trailer. That's why we offer curated weekend experiences for you and your family to fall in love with a KYMA. Whether you are watersport junkies, scenery enjoyers, or would like a boat be brought to your home lake, we want you to be able to fully understand the KYMA difference.


Your ultimate watersports weekend.

East Tennessee is home to some of the worlds best water sports lakes. Clean water, sunny skies, and miles of glass to be found in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We invite you and your crew to come experience the ultimate watersports weekend.

We provide a cabin on the lake and a KYMA at your disposal to create the perfect recipe to see how a KYMA fits into your adrenaline filled life.


The perfectly curated weekend to explore the foothills of the Smokies by boat.

Is your boating style more suited to taking in the sights and enjoying the peace that comes with being on the water? If so, we welcome you to come stay at our luxury farm retreat located in the soothing hills of East Tennessee. With a KYMA at your fingertips to explore our beautiful home, you can get to know a KYMA in the most intimate of ways. If you’re lucky enough to come when our hometown heroes, the Tennessee Volunteers, are playing at Neyland Stadium we welcome you to join the Vol Navy by boat.


Your future boat, on a lake near you.

Would you like to experience a KYMA on your own terms? If so, schedule your relaxing weekend on a KYMA delivered to a lake near you. A full tank of gas, bountiful water toys, and the best looking boat on the lake make for the perfect way to fall in love with a KYMA.